Puno: The Gateway to Different Worlds

Situated at a shocking 3,830 m (12,556 ft), Puno isn’t a city for the weak. While the altitude is mildly alarming, the weather is even worse. Sporting an ice cold climate that’s complimented by a scorching sun, Puno is better suited for llamas than it is for people. Despite having a climate that’s so inhospitable it could make […]

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Cambodia: Transitioning From Hell into Paradise

Cambodia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s full of breathtaking temples, delicious food, sexy women & gorgeous wildlife. It is also a country who is recovering from a catastrophic genocide & has one of the longest ruling dictators in history. So when traveling in Cambodia, don’t be a dumbass. Murder […]

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Gringo Powers

Stripping as Gringo Powers in Peru

If thought shit got real bartending, you will be blown away by working as a stripper! Stripping takes things to a whole new level, you are allowed to perform borderline sex acts with women who you don’t even know. It’s the perfect place to let your inner pervert run wild. It isn’t for the faint […]

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Ping Pong Shows & Christmas Spirit in Bangkok

Bangkok, the city where morals don’t exist. Bangkok is a rich white man’s wet dream. There are droves of gorgeous prostitutes, a wild nightlife, great food & super developed hospitals. This city has all the amenities you could dream of, & the massive disparity of wealth allows Westerners to have their way with it. As […]

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Bartending & Mayhem in Cusco

It happened so fast. I walked into the Indigo Bar looking for work. Joel was sitting behind the register drinking a beer. I told him that I was a professional bartender and needed a fucking job. Joel asked me “Estas seguro que te puedes hacer eso?”. “Claro que si!” I responded. “Ok, te vas a […]

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