Take Carnaval to the Next Level In Quillabamba

Out of all the potential entry points to the selva around Cusco, none are closer than Quillabamba. Thanks to a relatively new paved road that replaced an old rickety train, Quillabamba is only four hours outside Cusco. This convenient location is complemented by a truly immense amount of variations. While the city of Quillabamba is […]

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Witness Unmatched Biodiversity In Manu

For those who crave a dose of unadulterated jungle, Manu National Park can’t be beaten. This immense stretch of land showcases the untamed beauty of Peru. While the interior of this reserve is filled with untouched wildlife and native tribes, the outskirts are surrounded by clandestine coca plantations and resorts for hippies. Despite having unexpected […]

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Must See Attractions Around Ica

Situated in the middle of the desert, Ica offers a surprising amount of neighboring attractions. With a population that exceeds 220,000, it’s no secret that Ica is booming. Throughout its history, Ica has survived epic earthquakes and hostile takeovers. This city of survivors embodies the tough spirit of the Peruvian people. Despite being in the […]

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