Out of all the places to visit around Puno, the fertility temple Inca Uyo steals the show. This walled off area is nestled in a sleepy town called Chucuito, which is about 18km outside Puno. What makes this historic site unique isn’t its location, it’s the fact that it’s filled with 86 stone penises. These range from one to nearly six feet tall, with girths that are equally diverse. Looking out over the sea of penises, it’s impossible not to smirk. The urge to take wild pictures is equally hard to ignore, since the opportunities for silly poses is endless.

On top of sparking countless myths, this bizarre adoration for dicks has become the center of archeological investigation. For over half a century, anthropologists and archeologists have mused over this temple’s true purpose. This is far from an easy task, since the area is shrouded in a hazy mixture of mystery and deception. While the penis rocks truly are ancient, many experts contend that they were only recently installed here. This peculiar combination suggests that this area was simply created to attract tourists.

Inca Uyo Today

Whatever the case, Inca Uyo was proclaimed Patrimonio Cultural de la Nación in 2003. The site translates to field and penises in Quechua, and over recent years it has become an international attraction. Emboldened by the government’s recognition of this alleged sacred site, the amount of myths surrounding it keep accumulating. According to locals, this area is a sacred temple that helps women get pregnant. By sitting on a stone penis and dousing themselves in chicha (corn booze), women get a second chance at becoming a mother.

While no one we saw participated in the ritual, everyone indulged in taking silly pictures. There’s something uncanny about this site that unleashes people’s inner-child. During our two hours at the temple, we saw people of all ages let loose. Everyone from actual children to the elderly giggled wildly as they stroked and posed with the penises. The effect that this place has on people is uncanny, since everyone left beaming with happiness.

Defying all science, there’s something about an army of ancient stone penises that instantly alleviates any form of depression. No matter what religious or sexual preference, no one can resist a 5-foot-tall stone cock. While the fertility effects of the temple are dubious at best, it’s arguably one of the most enchanting places in the world. For this reason, throw judgment out the window and visit this delightfully crude piece of history!

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