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If thought shit got real bartending, you will be blown away by working as a stripper! Stripping takes things to a whole new level, you are allowed to perform borderline sex acts with women who you don’t even know. It’s the perfect place to let your inner pervert run wild. It isn’t for the faint of heart, but if you are willing to put your ego on the back burner & allow your hormones to run rampant, this job is for you!

I never thought that I would end up being a stripper. As a white man I suck at dancing, but what I lack in moves I make up for in sleaziness. I have to admit that I’m a complete pervert. Any girlfriend I ever had said I was a sex addict & would always laugh as I ran around the room naked shaking my dick around. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend is directly responsible for my foray into Cusco’s male strip scene.

One day I was browsing the Rueda de Negocios, looking for a job. I was about to get fired from my bartending job & my financial situation was horrific. As I perused through the job ads I came across an ad seeking both male & female strippers. Chuckling to myself, I jokingly told my girlfriend:

“Oye mi amor! Mira este chamba! Ellos quieren strippers, eso puede ser mi nueva chamba!”

To my surprise instead of laughing, she told me to call the number.

“Siempre estas bailando desnudo, por que no lo haces por plata?” She told me.

I picked up the phone & called the number. I was greeted by Steve, who told me to come by his office.

I got ready & went to see my date with destiny. Upon entering his office I was greeted with a massive array of wedding equipment; cakes, gowns, & party supplies littered the office. Steve told me that he needed male strippers to work at bachelorette parties. He was also renting out a dicoteca every Thursday night & needed a stripper/bartender to help him out. The pay was 100 soles a gig which was around $33 an hour. This was 4 times as much as my nightly salary bartending, so I agreed.

Steve was thrilled! I was probably the only gringo in the world with enough dignity to do a strip show for 30 bucks. I had no idea how to dance, but I was in.

Steve set me up with a photographer to snap some pics for his wedding magazine. The shots would be used for girls to pick their stripper. After heavily enjoying the photoshoot I was ready to hit my first bachelorette party.

After waiting for about a week, I had to go to Chile to renew my visa. I ended up getting stoned & having a Tumi tattooed on my arm. It took 4 hours & hurt like hell, but luckily I was high enough to endure it.

On the way back to Cusco on the bus, I got a life changing phone call. It was Steve, & I was going to perform at my first bachelorette party the next night. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew that it was going to be epic…