Even though Peru has an extensive coastline, Mancora is undoubtedly the main attraction. Thanks to its superb weather and vibrant nightlife, this beach town has transformed into an international tourist attraction. From ideal surfing waves to plenty of bars to party in, everyone has a different reason for visiting. No matter the motivation, it’s no secret that there’s something enchanting about Mancora. Every year over 15 thousand tourists descend upon Mancora’s beaches. This migration is impressive, since the town only has 13,000 inhabitants.

On top of seducing a surprising amount of tourists, Mancora is in the perfect location. It’s only 2 and a half hours from both Puira and the Ecuadorian border. This strategic position opens doors to a slew of tourist attractions. Whether you want to lounge on the beach or participate in extreme sports, the amount of entertainment options are endless. To help shed some light on what’s available, we compiled a list of the best places to visit around Mancora. This town is the perfect place to experience the best of Peru’s coastline, so don’t miss out on the action!

Best Places To Visit Around Mancora

Attraction #1: Ñuro – This beach is only a half hour outside Mancora and offers one of the most delightful activities in the area. For a small fee, visitors can swim with green tortoises. Due to favorable water temperatures and migration patterns, these gentle semi-giants congregate in Ñuro. Multiple areas are marked out in the water around the beach’s dock. These contain large amounts of green tortousies that are fed bits of fish to convince them to stay in one place.

As the tortoises slowly swim around, visitors can dive in the water and take pictures with them. Having a massive turtle bump into you is a surprisingly rewarding experience. Just wear plenty of sunscreen since this area is notorious for turning tourists into bright red tomatoes!

Attraction #2: Pozas Termales de Hervideros, Zorritos – Located 5 km outsite Bocapán in the South of Zorritos, this series of natural spas are an interesting treat. In total there are five mud pools that contain a special blend of nutrients. Each one has a distinct temperature and is supposed to treat a different medical ailment. Users can pick between pools that treat everything from arthritis to infertility. While the medical effectiveness of these pools is debatable, there’s no denying their entertainment value.

Due to the heavy amount of minerals in their waters, those who enter the pools are aggressively propelled towards the surface. This surreal floating experience is complimented by delightfully bizarre sensations as your feet sink into the mud. Combined with the warm temperatures, this is a truly enjoyable experience. We recommend picking the warmest pool of 30 degrees celsius, since it replicates an actual Jacuzzi.

Another highlight of the pools are the wild foxes that frequent them. The entire area is surrounded by small foxes that love to eat chifles. Thanks to constant exposure to people they are less skittish than their wild-counterparts. These foxes are easily lured with treats, so try to fight the urge to take one home! The neighboring beach of Zorritos is also well worth the visit, since it’s turquoise waters are extremely warm. Just watch out for the fierce waves on the rocky shore, since they can quickly turn a quick visit into a trip to the hospital.

Attraction #3: Punta Sal – For those who want to escape Mancora’s frantic party scene, this sleepy beach village is their salvation. Measuring an impressive 6.5 km, this is the longest beach on the Northern Peruvian coast. It’s only a half hour outside Mancora, but it couldn’t be more different. The beach is divided into two parts, Punta Sal Chica and Punta Sal Grande. Both areas enjoy waters that are warm all year long by equatorial currents.

Here the calm waters are complimented by an even mellower beach scene. Most people come here for privacy, which creates a noticeably unique vibe. Punta Sal is so hypnotic that Peru’s ex-president Alejandro Toledo had a house there. He’s currently a fugitive who’s ducking corruption charges in the United States, so if you see him in Punta Sal call the police!

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