Valle de la Luna

Coolest Places To Visit Around La Paz

La Paz is a capital that’s filled with enough anomalies to make a scholar’s head spin. Today it’s a vibrant metropolis with over 2.3 million residents that take on its shockingly high 3,650 meter (11,975 ft.) altitude. Originally the site of the Inca settlement Laja, the indigenous outpost was quickly conquered by the Spaniards in […]

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Las Ñatitas

Discover the Weirdest Things To Do In La Paz

La Paz is the perfect example of what happens when two wildly different cultures collide. While there are modern parts to the city, visitors can’t help but feel like they have gone back in time. From palaces that have been burnt down multiple times to wild indigenous traditions, La Paz hasn’t forgotten its rebellious history. […]

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