Explore Pichari: VRAEM’s Hidden Gem

When it comes to experiencing the jungle in the department of Cusco, Pichari provides a glimpse into another world. It’s nestled on the banks of the río Apurímac, a bustling river that separates the districts of Ayacucho and Cusco. It’s surrounded by a mountainous jungle that’s planted with endless fields of coca, cacao, and pineapple. […]

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Kumpirushiato: Explore Peru’s Hidden Gem

When visiting the distrito de Kumpirushiato, it feels like you are entering another world. Nestled in between Echarati and Kimbiri, this area of La Convención is an adventure to get to. The road is closed by the Peruvian military, which only allows users to leave Quillabamba in the dead of night. These vampire hours only […]

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Tantalize Your Senses with Tarapoto’s Caves

Tarapoto is easily one of the most beautiful places in Peru. Ever since its founding in 1782, Tarapoto has been treasured by everyone who visited it. It was affectionately named “La Cuidad de Las Palmeras” by the Spaniards, and the city’s name comes from the “Taraputus” palm tree in San Martín. Ironically, today there aren’t […]

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Dive Into Nature with the Top Waterfalls in Tarapoto

In the last decade, Tarapoto has emerged as one of Peru’s most promising tourist destinations. Blessed with a strategic location in the San Martin province, it provides visitors with the best worlds. Boasting a vibrant culture and exceptional natural attractions, Tarapoto’s charm is undeniable. Recently the city has grown exponentially as it fills with high […]

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Go Deep Into Echarati With These 3 Waterfalls

When it comes to exploring Quillabamba and Echarati, no one is more versed than El Gringo Famoso. It’s the perfect place for a quick family trip, thanks to its relatively untapped tourist attractions & close proximity to civilization. No matter where you are in Peru, all you have to do is take a flight to […]

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Satipo: Peru’s Resilient Paradise

When it comes to Peru’s hidden gems, Satipo is at the top of the list. Tucked away in the heart of the ceja de selva, its beauty is only outdone by its latest rebound. From earthquakes to terrorism, this area has been through hell and back. These unfortunate series of events wreaked havoc on its […]

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Discover Why Nauta is Better Than Iquitos

After spending a few days in Iquitos, visiting Nauta is a breath of fresh air. Despite only being 94 km outside Iquitos, Nauta couldn’t be more different. It’s perched on a small mountain that allows the city to avoid the rising river levels. This strategic position provides views of río Marañón and río Ucayali. The […]

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Velo de la Novia

Discover Tingo Maria’s Amazing Waterfalls

Out of all the gorgeous features of the jungle, none are more prominent than Tingo Maria’s never-ending selection of waterfalls. Thanks to the abundant rainfall, the entire lush jungle area around Tingo Maria is teeming with waterfalls. There are literally too many to visit in one trip, but a few manage to stand out. From […]

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