Nazca Lines

Soar Over The Nazca Lines In Style

Out of all the mysterious archeological sites scattered throughout Peru, none are more perplexing than the Nazca lines. Nearly a hundred years after they were officially discovered, experts can’t agree on their purpose. Some claim these lines were created for beings in the sky while others insist that it’s an elaborate sundial. No matter what […]

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Chan Chan

Explore the Mysterious City of Chan Chan

Out of all the ruins around Trujillo, none are more infamous than Chan Chan. Literally translating to “Sun Sun”, this sunny city was the capital of the Chimú culture from 900 to 1470 AD. Chan Chan was the largest pre-Columbian city in South America, and is the second biggest adobe city in the world. Located […]

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Visit The Best Beaches Around Chiclayo

When visiting the Northern Peruvian coast, it’s impossible not to stop by Chiclayo. Whether it be for business or pleasure, Chiclayo is always a great place to visit. Due to Chiclayanos’ welcoming attitude and hospitable climate, “The Capital of Friendship” is one of this city’s many nicknames. In recent years the “Perla del Norte” transformed […]

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Experience The Amazon Through Tarapoto

Nestled in the “cloud forest” of Northeastern Peru, Tarapoto is the jewel of the San Martin Province. Sitting at 356 meters (1,168 ft.) altitude, this city is the prime jump-off point to enter the Amazon rainforest. Its potent mixture of outrageously vast biodiversity and vibrant nightlife make Tarapoto a truly seductive atmosphere. Including the surrounding […]

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Top Things to Do Around Mancora

Even though Peru has an extensive coastline, Mancora is undoubtedly the main attraction. Thanks to its superb weather and vibrant nightlife, this beach town has transformed into an international tourist attraction. From ideal surfing waves to plenty of bars to party in, everyone has a different reason for visiting. No matter the motivation, it’s no […]

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What to Explore Around Chachapoyas

Out of all the cities in Northern Peru, none are surrounded by more drastic contrasts than Chachapoyas. This capital of the Amazonas Region is situated at a surprisingly high elevation of 2,335 meters (7,661ft.). Their strategic location allows access to both the highlands and the jungle. The city of Chachapoyas was founded in 1538 by […]

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Valle de la Luna

Coolest Places To Visit Around La Paz

La Paz is a capital that’s filled with enough anomalies to make a scholar’s head spin. Today it’s a vibrant metropolis with over 2.3 million residents that take on its shockingly high 3,650 meter (11,975 ft.) altitude. Originally the site of the Inca settlement Laja, the indigenous outpost was quickly conquered by the Spaniards in […]

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Las Ñatitas

Discover the Weirdest Things To Do In La Paz

La Paz is the perfect example of what happens when two wildly different cultures collide. While there are modern parts to the city, visitors can’t help but feel like they have gone back in time. From palaces that have been burnt down multiple times to wild indigenous traditions, La Paz hasn’t forgotten its rebellious history. […]

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