Inca Uyo

Explore a Sea of Penises In Inca Uyo

Out of all the places to visit around Puno, the fertility temple Inca Uyo steals the show. This walled off area is nestled in a sleepy town called Chucuito, which is about 18km outside Puno. What makes this historic site unique isn’t its location, it’s the fact that it’s filled with 86 stone penises. These […]

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Puno: The Gateway to Different Worlds

Situated at a shocking 3,830 m (12,556 ft), Puno isn’t a city for the weak. While the altitude is mildly alarming, the weather is even worse. Sporting an ice cold climate that’s complimented by a scorching sun, Puno is better suited for llamas than it is for people. Despite having a climate that’s so inhospitable it could make […]

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