Lose Your Inhibitions in Abancay’s Hot Springs

When it comes to criminally overlooked areas of South America, Abancay emphatically makes it on the list. This is due to its strategic place in Peru’s geography and history. From being the battleground of both the Incas against the Chankas and the Spanish Almagristas against the Pizarristas, Abancay is no stranger to controversy. To make […]

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Inca Uyo

Explore a Sea of Penises In Inca Uyo

Out of all the places to visit around Puno, the fertility temple Inca Uyo steals the show. This walled off area is nestled in a sleepy town called Chucuito, which is about 18km outside Puno. What makes this historic site unique isn’t its location, it’s the fact that it’s filled with 86 stone penises. These […]

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Puno: The Gateway to Different Worlds

Situated at a shocking 3,830 m (12,556 ft), Puno isn’t a city for the weak. While the altitude is mildly alarming, the weather is even worse. Sporting an ice cold climate that’s complimented by a scorching sun, Puno is better suited for llamas than it is for people. Despite having a climate that’s so inhospitable it could make […]

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